House Calls

Animal Clinic of Millville has a state-of-the-art facility that is both a safe and welcoming place for you and your pet. However, we believe there are some situations and services that are best served by a friendly house-call. Quite simply, there are times when it is better to bring medical care and attention to your pet than it is to require you to bring your pet to our hospital.

For example, your pet may simply do better in its own home where he or she is more comfortable and less likely to become dangerously agitated or anxious. In other cases, you may own more than one pet or have limited mobility making it difficult or impossible to travel to our hospital.

Animal Clinic of Millville offers convenient house-call services so you and your pet can remain in a situation where everyone is most relaxed and comfortable. A personal visit from a veterinarian and technician can provide the care that best fits your needs. Some house call services include wellness examinations, vaccinations, routine medical care, blood draws for laboratory testing, and other general services that do not require diagnostic or special equipment.

Certainly the most difficult, though important house-call we make is when a beloved pet has reached his or her last day. Being at home, surrounded by familiar and loving faces with a trained professional helping to ease a sick or aged pet from this world, is an important aspect of our compassionate pet care.